Why French intervention may only maintain the Central African Republic's woes

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The Central African Republic (CAR), where French troops are engaged in attempting to restore order amid inter-religious violence and which has long been the scene of political chaos, is governed more by its influential neighbouring states than any true national leadership, writes Mediapart international affairs correspondent Thomas Cantaloube. In this analysis of a complex and seemingly blocked situation for the country’s future, he concludes that the French military intervention is unlikely to remove - and more likely to maintain - the fundamental reasons for the turmoil in CAR.

French troops begin operation in Central African Republic as violence worsens

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Defence Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian says that French troops have now moved to carry out patrols in capital Bangui, following UN green light.

France in renewed offensive against Jihadists in Mali

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French military says it is engaged alongside Malian and UN forces in a "large-scale" operation to prevent a resurgence of "terrorist movements".

France urges early UN vote on tough Syria resolution

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President Hollande says while political and diplomatic solution to the Syrian conflict is possible, option of military strikes must remain on the table.

French draft, disliked by Russia, would give Syria chemical arms ultimatum

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Initial French UN Security Council resolution would require Syria to make complete declaration of its chemical weapons program within 15 days.

France Raises UN Military Action in Syria

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France has raised the prospect of military intervention in Syria, saying the UN should consider harsher measures if an international peace plan fails. 

France to abstain in Palestinian UN membership vote

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France said it would abstain when the UN Security Council votes on whether to admit Palestine as a full member of the world body.

France joins US in urging Palestinians to drop UN bid

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France and US plan concerted push on Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas to persuade him to end his bid for full UN membership for Palestine.

The expertly crafted Tunisian mirage


Two weeks ago Tunisian President Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali fled a popular revolution and rage that caught more than him and his cronies by surprise. For over the past decade, numerous international organisations and institutions regularly exhorted developing countries to follow Tunisia as a model of economic success and stability. Ludovic Lamant asks; how could the 'experts' have got it all so wrong?