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French PM details reform of unemployment benefits system

French Prime Minister Édouard Philippe on Tuesday anounced his government's raft of measures to overhaul the unemployment benefits system, which he claimed would lower the jobless rate and save 3.4 billion euros over three years, and which will include extending the period people have to work before being eligible for aid, a cut in indemnities for high-income earners, ensuring benefits are lower than job pay, and the  penalizing of companies which repeatedly use short-term contracts.

Press leaks Macron 'plan to toughen jobseeker benefits monitoring'

The French government is planning to introduce compulsory monthly justifications from those receiving unemployment benefits that they have actively sought to find a job without which their benefits will be suspended, reported investigative and satirical weekly Le Canard Enchaîné citing an internal labour ministry document.

It's stage fight as French performance arts are blocked by strikes

Performing artists and technicians working in the arts are protesting against tough changes to their specific unemployment benefits system.