Ryanair French staff accuse airline of 'redundancy blackmail'

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Staff unions in France representing flight crews and cabin staff working for budget airline Ryanair have accused the Irish company of behaving as if it was in the 'Far West' after it announced it was imposing 20% salary cuts for flight crew and 10% for attendants to weather the economic downturn caused by the Covid-19 virus pandemic.

Strikes set to roll on after deadlock in French pension reform talks

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The strikes crippling French transport systems appeared set to continue through the end-of-year holiday period after talks between government and unions to find a compromise over President Emmanuel Macron's reforms to the pension system failed to reach a conclusion on Thursday.

Unions defend wildcat power cuts in pension reform battle

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Official estimates said estimated 150,000 homes, as well as businesses, suffered power cuts during Tuesday's union-led national strikes and protests called against President emmanuel Macron's proposed pensions reform, a strategy that the leader of one of the largest unions defended on Wednesday because 'spitting on the public service can make some of us angry', adding that 'we may amplify these kinds of methods'.

Macron holds talks with ministers on contested pension reform plan

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With more strikes called for Tuesday by unions opposing his planned reform of France's pension system, President Emmanuel Macron met with ministers on Sunday to discuss details of the draft legislation to be unveiled by his prime minister on Wednesday.

The sectors at stake for unions in French pension reform battle


President Emmanuel Macron’s planned reform of the French pension system has run into massive union-led opposition, with a crippling general strike of mostly public sector workers last Thursday, when transport systems were paralysed and an estimated one million people demonstrated nationwide. While some sectors, notably the railways, remained affected this weekend, another national day of action is called for Tuesday. Union officials have declared that nothing less than a total withdrawal of the reform plans can end the dispute, raising the possibility of rolling strikes throughout December. The showdown will depend in part on what support unions can maintain in the key sectors of transport, schools, energy and healthcare.

French trades union and 'Yellow Vests' protests continue over weekend

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Demonstrations accompanying rolling strikes against pension reforms that began Thursday and the latest 'Yellow Vest' protests against social inequalities were held over the weekend across France, upping pressure on the government ahead of more walkouts and protests called for next week.

Eurostar chaos in Paris as French customs strike over Brexit planning

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Delays and cancellations were announced on Monday to Eurostar services at the Paris Gare du Nord terminal as French customs officers went on strike over what they said was poor planning for the demands of post-Brexit operations, a movement which also affected several airports around the country. 

Minister says anti-Macron protestors 'complicit' in demo violence

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French interior minister Gérard Collomb has ignited a fierce row after accusing union organisers of recent nationwide street marches against government policy, during which there have been violent attacks by extremist anti-capitalist groups on shops, banks and vehicles, of being 'accomplices' to the events by not preventing them.

No concerted protests on May 1st in France despite social unrest

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Despite unrest from students, rail and airline workers, union are staging separate rallies in France to mark International Workers Day.

Turnout falls in street demonstrations against Macron reforms

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Turnout in nationwide street protests in France on Thursday against the government's programme of economic reforms, notably in the public sector and of the state-run railway system in particular, was significantly lower than a similar day of demonstrations in March, with police estimating around 110,000 people took part, while unions claimed the figure was 300,000.   

French rail unions vow to strike as Macron axes workers’ privileges

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Hours after French government unveiled details of its far-reaching rail reforms, rail union leaders said they were stepping up strike plans.

Turnout down as French unions stage fresh labour reform protests

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Officials estimated the crowds at 132,000 across France, just over half the number who took part last week in similar union street protests.

French lorry drivers protest against labour reforms

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Truck drivers fear changes will affect small firms that make up 75-80% of profession by creating 'unfair competition' and reducing job security.

After Parliamentary election win, France's Macron faces union test

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The way president handles planned labour reforms will set tone for coming years, including a revamp of jobless benefits and retirement systems.

Macron meets with unions to present his labour law reforms

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French President Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday met with trades union leaders to discuss the sweeping labour law reforms he plans to introduce this summer, which were a key element of his election manifesto and which include making hiring and firing easier, moving wage bargaining to company level and capping financial awards to employees by labour tribunals.