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Luc Besson's Lucy breaks French film foreign box office record

The thriller starring Scarlett Johansson and Morgan Freeman has already been seen by more than 52 million people around the world.

Key French jihadist believed dead in Syria airstrike

Muslim convert David Drugeon, 24, was a bomb-maker said to be working with al-Qaeda veterans accused of plotting attacks on the West. 

France 'will have to pay US' for military aid in Africa

US defence officials say they will ask for cost of helping France fight insurgents in Sahel region of Africa to be 'reimbursed'.

France says it's ready to participate in Iraq airstrikes

Foreign minister calls for international mobilization against militants from Islamic State group whom he described as a 'transnational danger'.

France remains the world’s favourite holiday destination

Study shows France welcomed 84.7 million foreign visitors in 2013, more than in 2012 and well ahead of the United States and Spain.

US set to unveil record fine for France's BNP bank

American Justice Department expected to announce a record fine of nearly $9 billion over alleged sanctions violations by France's biggest bank.

France seeks Germany’s support on BNP Paribas case

President Hollande talks with Angela Merkel amid fears that 'disproportionate' action against its biggest bank could pose risks to banking system.

BNP Paribas '$10bn' US fine unreasonable, says France

Foreign minister Laurent Fabius said proposed fine for alleged sanctions busting by French bank was an 'unfair and unilateral decision'.

US becomes world's top wine market as France's consumption drops

American consumers bought 29.1 million hectolitres of wine in 2013, while French consumption fell nearly 7 percent to 28.1 million hectolitres.

The timebomb hidden within the future EU-US trade treaty


As the campaigning heats up for the European elections to be held later this month, critics of the European Commission’s handling of discussions over the future landmark European Union-United States free trade treaty have been making their voices heard. Of all the different concerns, the most controversial political issue now emerging is the intended inclusion in the deal of a provision whereby foreign corporations can sue governments before arbitration tribunals for damages in the event that their investments are undermined by future changes in laws, such as those concerning the environment or public health. Mediapart’s Brussels correspondent Ludovic Lamant reports.

U.S. in talks with France on Holocaust compensation

White House warns US states not to take action that could harm talks with French rail firm SNCF which deported Jews to WW2 death camps.

Orange 'shares data with French intelligence agency'

Newspaper report suggests the former state-owned French telecoms giant has been sharing information with security services for many years.

President Hollande's high-risk strategy over free trade talks with US


During his recent visit to Washington French president François Hollande surprised many observers by calling for a speeding up of the negotiations for a EU-US free trade agreement, the biggest deal of its kind in the world. The president's demands are in sharp contrast with France's earlier caution over the free trade zone, an issue which has provoked concern and opposition across Europe. For some, it also seems a curious stance to adopt just weeks before important European elections at which the proposed deal is set to be a controversial issue. Ludovic Lamant reports.

Hollande US visit demonstrates stronger bilateral ties

François Hollande arrived in Washington on Monday for the first state visit by a French president in 18 years.

Yes, 2013 was a very good year...if you were rich


According to many financial experts, last year marked a turning point in which the world finally began to put the financial crisis behind it. But if 2013 was the year when stock and property markets recovered to pre-crisis levels, it was also a period when the gap between the super rich and everyone else widened to levels not seen for practically a century. In the United States, as much as half of national income went to the very rich, a concentration of wealth last seen in 1917. In Europe poverty has made a comeback, and the most disadvantaged are scrambling to feed themselves and their families. Martine Orange reports.