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French judges seek assistance of UBS American whistleblower

Bradley Birkenfeld, an ex-UBS employee who helped US prosecution of the bank for aiding tax evasion is to help similar probe in France.

US hands France's Alstom record 772-million-dollar bribery fine

The French engineering group admitted falsifying books to pay more than 75 million dollars in bribes worldwide for energy arm contracts.

French troops to take up station close to Libyan border

A senior French military official has said troops are to move to a desert outpost close to the Libyan border to obstruct arms trafficking.

US investors in French economy counter domestic pessimism

While French investors reduce their stakes in CAC 40, US investors raised their holdings by 1.9 billion dollars in the first six months of 2014.

France denies claim that agent defected to al-Qaeda

Denial comes after US website claimed French intelligence officer had joined terrior group and was target of US air strikes.

French spies helped US kill al-Shebab leader

On orders of President Hollande, France provided intelligence and helped coordinate air strike that killed Ahmed Abdi Godane on September 1st.

France, UK to join US humanitarian assistance in Iraq: Obama

US president says French and British leaders agreed to join in efforts to relieve populations isolated and fleeing Islamic State forces.

The Belgium lawsuit threat to BNP Paribas executives after record US fine

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Last month BNP Paribas, France’s largest bank, was fined 8.8 billion dollars after reaching a settlement with the US justice system in which it pleaded guilty to violating US economic sanctions against several countries, including Iran and Syria and Sudan. The guilty plea is crucial for the bank’s shareholders for it could allow them to begin legal proceedings against those responsible for incurring the fine, a record in such prosecutions in the US. As Mediapart economic affairs writer Philippe Riès details in this analysis of the potential case against BNP Paribas senior management, all eyes are now on the bank’s principal shareholder – the Belgian state.   

Hillary Clinton tells French radio 'a woman will be elected to White House'

Clinton is on a media tour to promote her new book, though many see the increased media exposure as a prelude to a presidential campaign.

D-Day warmth belies tensions in US-France ties

Row over sale of warships to Russia and US fine for French bank have cooled relations ahead of presidential meeting on Normandy beach.

Paris talks on Ukraine end in US-Russia deadlock

US Secretary of State John Kerry tells press conference that there was no breakthrough after four hours of talks with his Russian counterpart.

UPDATE: Russia, US and key EU states hold Paris talks over Ukraine crisis

US state secretary John Kerry and Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov held their first face-to-face talks, which are to continue over coming days.

Obama says US and France will work closely on international security issues

As François Hollande continues his state visit to the US, the American president says the two see eye-to-eye on global security issues.

France must better US at economic intelligence says trade minister

Nicole Bricq said Paris must not 'whine' over the NSA spying scandal but become better organized with its own economic intelligence gathering.

France maintains tough stance in EU-US trade talks

French agriculture minister Stéphane Le Foll tells FT that France insists that EC sets uncrossable 'red lines' in trans-Atlantic trade negotiations.