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France, Spain bust China-based human-trafficking ring

French and Spanish police announce arrests of 75 alleged members of a gang smuggling Chinese citizens into Europe and the US.

EU hands France bigger media and culture say to keep alive US free trade talks

France has until now threatened to veto EU-US free trade negotiations due this summer unless movies and digital media are left out of the talks.

Pentagon approves sale of drones to France

France has been given all-clear from US defence chiefs to buy two intelligence-gathering Reaper drones, pending acceptance by Congress.

French minister orders custom checks on US company tyres in spat

News of tightening of checks on Titan tyres comes after row last month in which the US firms's CEO Maurice Taylor mocked France's work ethics.

US denies report it hacked Sarkozy computers

The United States has 'categorically' denied press reports that it was involved in hacking computers in the offices of former French president.

Bordeaux up in arms over US wine makers' 'château' pretensions

Bordeaux wine houses see red red over US wine producers attempts to use 'château' label descriptions on wines shipped to Europe.

France, US have highest depression rates

More people reported being depressed in France and the US than anywhere in the world, according to a worldwide study of 89,000 people.

France, the U.S. and Strauss-Kahn

Media and political approach to Strauss-Kahn affair highlights profound France-US differences in justice, gender relations, transparency and money.