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France launches coronavirus travel pass

The new app will be tested on flights to Corsica this week.

Macron says anyone who wants vaccine will have it by end of summer

French president said that in the coming weeks production of COVID-19 vaccines in France will start and there would eventually be four different production centres.

French new Covid-19 cases at seven-week high

New Covid-19 infections are on average increasing by more than 18,000 a day, figures show.

The political discontent behind French vaccine scepticism

Past medical scandals involving big pharma and public officials have made many suspicious of vaccines.

France in race to contain new Covid-19 variant, speed up vaccine rollout

Marseille mayorsaid seven to eight people had tested positive for the new variant in the city, while tests were underway on 30 others who may also have been exposed to it.

French plan for mandatory 11-vaccine shot meets with public mistrust

The French parliament will later this year debate a health ministry proposal to make compulsory the vaccination of young children against 11 different ingectious diseases, only three of which are currently mandatory, but the move divides public opinion of which, opinion surveys show, a large minority consider vaccines unsafe.

French parents face jail for refusing to inoculate children

Couple object to additives that go into the diphtheria, tetanus and polio jabs, which are compulsory under French law.