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French prosecutor urges victims of child abuse author to come forward

The chief Paris prosecutor on Tuesday appealed for past victims of sexual abuse by author Gabriel Matzneff, 83, once revered by French lierati for his books about his sexual adventures with young minors, to come forward in the framework of an investigation into accustaions of sexual abuse and grooming of a minor made against him in a book published in January.

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French child-sex author mouths 'regrets' but attacks 'neo-puritanism'

Gabriel Matznef, 83, an author once fêted among French lietrati who wrote of his enjoyment of grooming girl and boy minors for sex in France and abroad and who was publicly shamed after one of his past victims published an account of her experiences, has said 'if I did something that was not good I regret it', while also denouncing what he called 'a wave of neo-puritanism' following the removal from sale of his books.  

France investigates author over child sex claims

French authorities have opened an investigation into allegations that the once celebrated author Gabriel Matzneff raped a child in the 1980s.

French publisher recounts how paedophile author abused her at 14

A forthcoming book by French publisher Vanessa Springora in which she gives a disturbing account of how in the 1980s she became mentally and sexually abused at the age of 14 by acclaimed author Gabriel Matzneff, then aged 50, a self-confessed paedophile who groomed young girls and boys, is shaking Paris literary circles which previously gave him support and protection.