Vatican launches probe into French cardinal over abuse case

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Cardinal Ricard admitted to committing a "reprehensible" act on a 14-year-old; an independent commission said that French clergy had abused 330,000 children over 70 years.

Vatican waives immunity for Paris envoy accused of sexual assault

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The Vatican has announced it has lifted the diplomatic immunity accorded to its special envoy to France, Archbishop Luigi Ventura, 74, who is accused by four men of sexual agression, notably by a Paris City Hall employee who said he was groped by Ventura during an offfical ceremony, accusations which are currently being investigated by the Paris public prosection services.

Hollande meets with Pope

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The French president flew to Rome for a private audience with the head of the Catholic Church three weeks after terrorists murdered a priest in Normandy.

How French Catholic Church discreetly relocates sex abuse priests to avoid scandal

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The Catholic Church in France has developed a system of quietly moving priests suspected of sex abuse to other areas or jobs, Mediapart can reveal. The method, aimed at avoiding or damping down local scandals without telling the judicial authorities, includes sending the priests concerned on sabbatical leave, to remote rural parishes, to jobs as archivists or as chaplains for the elderly, or in some cases despatching them to far-flung parishes in Africa and Asia. Daphné Gastaldi, Mathieu Martiniere and Mathieu Périsse report.

France and Vatican reach stalemate over approval of 'gay' envoy

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For nine months the Vatican has failed to approve Laurent Stefanini, President Hollande's protocol chief, as next French ambassador to Holy See.

France refuses to back down over gay Vatican ambassador

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While the Vatican stalls approval of a gay senior diplomat as France's Holy See envoy, the French government insists on its choice of candidate.

Vatican reportedly snubs France's gay candidate for ambassador

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The Vatican has let three months pass without approving France's proposed new ambassador to the Holy See, a 55-year-old senior diplomat.

Scandal-hit Vatican bank turns to French financier for redemption

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Jean-Baptiste de Franssu, the former head of Invesco Ltd.’s European business, is to take over running of bank where profits fell by 97%.

Blast targets French interests in Rome as Hollande meets Pope Francis

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A small bomb exploded in central Rome near a French foundation and cultural building just hours before the French president's visit to the Vatican.

Dozens storm Vatican embassy in protest over homeless immigrants

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Protestors briefly occupy the Vatican embassy in Paris in support of a group of homeless, hunger-striking illegal immigrants demanding legal status.

How long-lost Spinoza manuscript was found hidden in Vatican


The Apostolic Vatican Library may be far from having revealed all its secrets, but two intrepid scholars have recently made an astounding find there; that of the long-lost and secretly hidden manuscript of the Ethics, the magnum opus of 17th-century Dutch philosopher Baruch Spinoza (pictured), considered to be one of the most important works of one of the most significant figures in Western philosophy. Joseph Canfavreux reports.