French cathedral arson suspect held over priest's murder

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A 40-year-old Rwandan national, who admitted starting a fire in Nantes cathedral in July 2020 and who was given accomodation with a Catholic mission in SW France while on bail, gave himself up to police on Monday over the murder of one of the mission's priests.

Environmentalists battle against new yachting marina on France's Atlantic coast

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After sixteen years and much deliberation and delay, the French state has finally given the green light for a marina to be built at Brétignolles-sur-Mer on the west coast of France. The surprise decision has re-ignited long-standing opposition to the scheme amid fears it will harm biodiversity on that section of coastline. Now protestors have set up a camp near the site and staged a peaceful demonstration. Pierre-Yves Bulteau reports.

French court bans Christmas nativity scene on council premises

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Judge ruled that it was a 'religious emblem' and therefore incompatible with the French principle of 'religious neutrality in public spaces'.

French politician and Russian oligarch team up for Crimean theme park

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Right-wing Philippe de Villiers agrees deal which legal experts say is in open defiance of EU sanctions against Russia over Ukraine crisis.