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Venezuelan kinetic art pioneer Carlos Cruz-Diez dies in Paris

Venezuelan artist Carlos Cruz-Diez, regarded as one of Latin America’s most prominent artists in the second half of the 20th century, and who pioneered kinetic art in which perceived movement is one of its key effects, has died at his home in Paris, aged 95.

Inside the International Criminal Court: revelations on its former top prosecutor

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It is the largest ever leak of information about the workings of the International Criminal Court, the body tasked with bringing perpetrators of crimes against humanity and genocide to justice. More than 40,000 confidential documents – including diplomatic cables, correspondence and bank information – have been obtained by Mediapart and analysed by the European Investigative Collaborations (EIC). They shine a stark light on the work of the ICC and in particular the role of its first chief prosecutor Luis Moreno Ocampo, his dreams, his actions and his offshore companies. Fabrice Arfi and Stéphanie Maupas report on 'The Secrets of the Court'.

Carlos the Jackal to face fresh trial in France over grenade attack

The 64-year-old Venezuelan, who was once one of the world’s most wanted men, is already serving two life sentences.

Britons arrested in France after 1.4-tonne cocaine bust

Three Britons are among nine people arrested after police made biggest-ever cocaine seizure in mainland France, found partly on an Air France plane.

Huge cocaine haul seized on Air France plane in Paris

Police seized the 1.3 tonnes of pure cocaine on board an Air France flight from Venezuela, with the drugs found packed inside 30 suitcases.