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France threatens to veto British Steel sale to Chinese firm

The French government has threatened to veto the sale of  British Steel to Chinese firm Jingye in norder to protect the functioning of the collapsed steelmaker's plant in Hayange, north-east France, which is considered a strategic national asset.

France and Germany agree new rules on disputed arms exports

At a meeting on Wednesday between French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the two leaders reportedly agreed that weapons built by either of their countries and which contained 20% or more of components from the other would require before any export the consent of the country where the component was manufactured.

France blocks EU membership talks with Balkan states

At a meeting of European Union (EU) general affairs managers, France, backed in part by the Netherlands but opposed by Germany, vetoed talks on opening uip membership to the bloc to North Macedonia and Albania, arguing that no date should be set for opening accession deliberations until the EU revamps its whole approach to enlargement.

France says ready to veto unjustified Brexit date extension

An official with the French presidency said on Tuesday that Paris is ready to use its veto power against any request by Britain for an extension of the Brexit date, set for March 29th, 'if no real alternative is put forward in the next few days or even the next few hours'.

EC President swipes at 'reactionary' France

France rejected Barroso's suggestions that its determination to protect cultural industries in free trade talks with the US was 'reactionary'.

EU hands France bigger media and culture say to keep alive US free trade talks

France has until now threatened to veto EU-US free trade negotiations due this summer unless movies and digital media are left out of the talks.