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Scheme helps young French jobless record video CVs

Recordings of CVs aimed at helping youngsters from poorer areas where up to 40 per cent of people under 25 are without a job.

Amateur footage of French police 'brutality' - Mediapart has second video


A police officer has been filmed striking a woman with his baton and spraying her and another person in the face with tear gas. The interior minister has announced an inquiry, while police unions have played down the affair. They say the officer had been bitten and that events that took place before the filming of the video, which was posted on YouTube, support his actions. But Mediapart has now obtained a second video showing what had occurred earlier and which raises doubts about the police version of the incident. Louise Fessard reports.

Video of French hostages held by Nigeria’s extremists Boko Haram

Recording shows man whose four children were kidnapped with him and other family members in Cameroon saying: 'We lose strength every day'.

Hitler parody leaves French bank BNP red-faced

Managers were shown a motivational video featuring a parody in which Adolf Hitler is portrayed as the boss of rival Deutsche Bank.

Al Jazeera decides against showing Toulouse killings video

TV network Al Jazeera has decided not to broadcast video it received filmed by Toulouse gunman Mohammed Merah during his seven murders.

'Self-destructive' Rihanna video banned from early viewing on French TV

Singer Rihanna's We Found Love video is banned from early-evening French TV screening over fears it could encourage self-destructive behaviour.