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Inside the shadowy world of Edith Tudor-Hart, photographer and Soviet spy

Autoportrait © Edith Tudor-Hart Autoportrait © Edith Tudor-Hart

A committed communist from a Jewish background, Edith Tudor-Hart was born and grew up in Vienna but fled to Britain after the fascists came to power in Austria in the 1930s. There she helped recruit the notorious Soviet spy Kim Philby and was an intermediary for another, the art historian Anthony Blunt. In a recent book translated into French, Tudor-Hart's great nephew Peter Stephan Jungk recounts the life story of his great aunt, who was a talented photographer. As Dominique Conil argues, one of the strengths of this moving portrait is that it avoids the Cold War spying clichés so beloved of many writers and directors. 

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Death of Libyan minister linked to Sarkozy election funding 'highly suspicious'

Shukri Ghanem in December 2007 when he was Libya's oil minister. © Reuters Shukri Ghanem in December 2007 when he was Libya's oil minister. © Reuters

Officially Shukri Ghanem died after suffering a heart attack and falling into the River Danube where he drowned. But few people have ever believed this official version of the former Libyan oil minister's death in Vienna in April 2012. Hillary Clinton's leaked emails show that her entourage and American diplomats considered at the time that Ghanem's death was “highly suspicious”. Mediapart has also contacted an acquaintance of the former oil minister in Vienna who has raised several potential theories behind the Libyan's death, including one involving “bribes” to politicians in France, Italy – and Britain. Agathe Duparc reports from Geneva.

Revealed: the 2007 notebook that detailed Sarkozy's Libyan election funding

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Muammar Gaddafi and Nicolas Sarkozy in Paris in December 2007. © Reuters Muammar Gaddafi and Nicolas Sarkozy in Paris in December 2007. © Reuters

A handwritten notebook kept by a senior Libyan figure details three payments made by Gaddafi's regime to fund Nicolas Sarkozy's 2007 presidential election campaign, Mediapart can reveal. Shukri Ghanem, who was then Libya's oil minister, took notes on the three payments made in 2007, which came to a total of 6.5 million euros. Ghanem later fled the North Africa country and was found dead in Austria in 2012. The discovery of his personal notebook and its entries from 2007 undermine claims by Sarkozy's camp that allegations of illegal Libyan funding are based on forged documents written after Gaddafi's fall from power. Fabrice Arfi and Karl Laske report.

French Front National vice president 'outed' as gay

Revelation by Closer magazine of Florian Philippot's relationship with a TV journalist sparks row in France over right to privacy.

Kerry stops in Paris ahead of Iran nuclear programme negotiations

The US Secretary of State and French counterpart Laurent Fabius underlined that important obstacles remain before the talks close on Monday.