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Open village for Alheimer's patients to open in south-east France

Inspired by a similar experiment in the Netherlands, local authorities in the Landes region of south-east France are funding the construction of a village with shops, a restaurant and a farm to accomodate about 120 people suffering from Alzheimer's disease in a far less constrained environment than current nursing homes.

French mayor forced to double his pay against his will

Elected official who cut his own salary to keep down local costs is forced under new law to pay himself twice as much as he planned.

French village is selling house building plots for 1 euro a square metre

Normandy village with population of 388 is seeking to lure people to come and build new homes after exodus of young people seeking work.

Villagers rescue elderly British couple walled in their French home

The pair, aged in their 70s, were barricaded in their home in the Pyrenees foothills by their neighbours, also British, over a right of way dispute.

Mayan apocalypse: French village pleads with fanatics not to visit Bugarach

New Age fanatics, sightseers and media asked to avoid tiny village some believe will be one of few places spared when the world supposedly ends.