The neo-Nazi 'Zouaves Paris' group behind the violence at Zemmour rally


On Monday December 6th a small ultra-right group called 'Zouaves Paris' claimed responsibility for the violence committed against anti-racist activists at the previous day's political rally held by far-right presidential candidate Éric Zemmour. At the time, some people in charge of security at the event thanked those who carried out the attacks. On Tuesday the presidential candidate insisted he “condemned all the violence” while at the same time describing the activists from SOS Racisme as “provocateurs” and “handout seekers”. Sébastien Bourdon, Karl Laske and Marine Turchi report on the background to the ultra-right group involved in last Sunday's violence.

France carnival explosion injures up to 18

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A mother and her child are among those seriously injured and the town's mayor was also hurt when a bonfire exploded at Villepinte, near Paris.

French elections in images: Sarkozy rallies the faithful in Villepinte

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Photographer Patrick Artinian is following the French presidential election campaign trail for Mediapart, with a series of photo and video reportages with soundtracks of the candidates, their supporters, meetings and milestone events which will continue all the way to the final vote on May 6th. Here he captures the atmosphere at President Nicolas Sarkozy’s major rally on Sunday March 10th at a meeting hall in Villepinte, a suburban town north of Paris, where, before an estimated 30,000 flag-waving supporters, he played the trump cards he hopes will turn around a flagging re-election campaign.