Felled woman protestor dragged out of Le Pen press conference

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A woman who interrupted a press conference by French presidential hopeful Marine Le Pen with a protest to draw attention to the far-right leader's closeness with the Kremlin was violently thrown to the ground by private security staff who dragged her across the floor and out of the event by her arm.

Violence erupts at Éric Zemmour's first political rally in France

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Fights broke out between supporters of the polemicist and anti-racism protesters as he set out his 'zero immigration' vision for France.

Minister warns future of French football 'at stake' over crowd trouble

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A recent series of violent incidents during football matches in France's top-flight Ligue 1, the latest on Sunday when Marseille's Dimitri Payet was hit on the head by a bottle thrown by a Lyon fan, is placing at stake 'the survival of French soccer' said sports minister Roxana Maracineanu. 

The catastrophe now upon us

France — Opinion

After he was slapped earlier this week in a town in south-east France by a man shouting a medieval royalist battle cry, President Emmanuel Macron described the assault as an “incident” that should be “relativised”, and that “all is well”. On the contrary, writes Mediapart publishing editor Edwy Plenel in this opinion article, all is going badly, and the slap illustrates the far-right violence that has been set loose by the cynicism and irresponsibility of the Macron presidency.

Sexual abuse: studies suggest lesbians and bisexual women are the principal victims

France — Analysis

A series of studies in France suggest that lesbians and bisexual women are far more exposed to sexual violence than heterosexual women, as a result of sexist and lesphobic behaviour in both their domestic and societal environments. Rozenn Le Carboulec analyses the available data.

Macron denounces police assault against black music producer

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Amid widespread outrage in Ferance over video images of an apparently racist and fierce assault by Paris police of black music producer Michel Zecler last weekend, President Emmanuel Macron released a statement on Facebook describing the attack as 'shameful', adding that 'those who apply the law must respect the law'.

Police unit in Paris suburbs disbanded over extorsion, theft scandal

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A French police brigade based in the Seine-Saint-Denis département (county) that rings north-east Paris has been disolved after four of its officers were placed under investigation on Thursday for alleged extorsion, theft, and posession of drugs, and three of them for violence, while further investigations are underway into other accusations against members of the unit.

Violent clashes between ethnic groups in Burgundy town

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The French town of Dijon has been the scene of four days of hightening violence between groups of Chechen and North African origin, apparently sparked by an attack on a youth by drug dealers.

French police hold protests over violence and racism criticism

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Police officers have mounted protests in Paris and other major French cities over a growing debate about violent behaviour and systemic racism in the force - and which has led to a ban on applying chokeholds during arrests - with symbolic displays of throwing their handcuffs to the ground outside police stations.

Bastille Day parade ends with violent clashes on Champs-Elysées

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Following the traditonal Bastille Day military parade on the Champs-Elysées in Paris, the avenue briefly the scene of violent clashes between riot police and several dozen masked men who set fire to bins and tried to block nearby streets with metal security barriers.

Paris demo violence: police chief sacked, bans on rallies in hotspots

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French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe, reacting to sharp criticism of policing during Saturday's 'yellow vest' anti-government demonstrations in Paris which saw buildings, stores, restaurants and newsstands torched in the capital's centre, announced on Monday that the Paris police chief  has been sacked, that future rallies in established trouble spots around the country may be banned, while he also approved wider use by police of the controversial LBD rubber bullet weapons which have left more than two hundred injured, many of them seriously, during the three months of rolling protests.

Buildings torched and stores looted in 'yellow vest' protests in Paris

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An 18th weekend of action in so-called 'yellow vest' protests against falling standards of living for low- and middle-income earners left about 60 people, including police officers, injured in Paris where stores, restaurants, banks and vehicles were set ablaze and more than 190 arrests were made.

French 'yellow vest' boxer jailed for beating riot police

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Former professional boxer Christophe Dettinger, 37, who was filmed on January 5th throwing punches and kicking riot police officers during a 'yellow vest' protest in Paris against falling standards of living, has been sentenced to 30 months in jail, with 18 months suspended, in a court ruling that angered police unions.

France under fire for police tactics and planned legal curbs

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Human rights commissioner Dunja Mijatovic expressed worry about injuries from rubber ball launchers and other police anti-riot methods.

France considers putting police officers in classrooms

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New plans are set to be announced by interior minister Christophe Castaner following a string of violent incidents in country's classrooms.