Muslim prayer room vandalised after attack on firefighters in Corsica

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After youths on a housing estate in the French Mediterranean island ambushed firefighters and police, a protest gathering degenerated into violence.

Protest against new airport for west of France turns violent

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Six riot police officers were injured trying to disperse protesters who lobbed projectiles and threw paint onto Nantes' city hall.

At least 10 dead in Bangui as French defence minister visits central Africa

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Jean-Yves Le Drian starts a tour of the region to discuss the crisis in Central African republic (CAR) as fresh wave of violence erupts.

France drops case over 'racist' police violence video

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Prosecutors say they will not pursue case against police officer who sparked outrage when caught on video beating a black woman with baton.

What's pushing angry Chinese onto the streets of Paris

France — Interview

Earlier this summer, thousands of Paris' ethnic Chinese community took to the streets of Belleville, a district in the north of the capital, to call for increased security in the wake of escalating violence against them, including regular street assaults and robberies. The extent of the violence has alarmed community leaders and there is growing anger among this normally discreet population at what is perceived as insufficient concern by the authorities. Carine Fouteau talks to Emmanuel Ma Mung, a France-based expert on international migration and the Chinese diaspora, about the economic and social issues that are turning a once calm multi-cultural neighbourhood into a powder keg.