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Fall of Aleppo reveals fault lines in French politics

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The end of the battle for Syria's second city and the plight of its civilians have drawn different responses from across France's political spectrum. On the Right the line taken by conservative presidential candidate François Fillon has been close to that of the far-right Front National, with his defence of the Assad regime and Vladimir Putin. The ruling Socialist Party and the Greens have emphasised their support for Syria's opposition, while the radical left presidential candidate Jean-Luc Mélenchon has adopted an anti-imperialist stance, with the United States as his main target. Lénaïg Bredoux, Lucie Delaporte and Christophe Gueugneau report.

Russia and France's Right

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For the first time since the end of the Cold War, argues Foreign Affairs magazine, Russia is a hot topic in the French presidential campaign.

Putin calls off Paris visit over Syria war crimes row

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The Russian president was due to visit the French capital on October 19th when he planned to open a Russian religious and cultural centre, but cancelled the trip amid a developing row with France which accuses Russia of war crimes in Syria. 

French foreign minister sows doubts over Putin Paris visit

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Jean-Marc Ayrault said his priority was to end 'massacres' in Aleppo rather than focus on whether Russian president would visit on October 19th.

France and Russia agree to closer anti-Islamic State collaboration

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After Moscow meeting, President Hollande said he and Vladimir Putin agreed to 'increase information and intelligence exchange, intensify airstrikes'.

France's Hollande heads to Russia hoping for Syria breakthrough

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French president will meet Russian leader Vladimir Putin as part of push for international cooperation against Islamic State following Paris attacks.

France's U-turn over Syria

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In the wake of the Paris terror attacks, President François Hollande has carried out a 180 degree U-turn on French policy towards the Syria crisis. Previously the French stance was that neither Islamic State nor current leader Bashar al-Asad was acceptable in Syria. Now the approach is an all-out focus on destroying IS. On Thursday November 26th, Hollande will meet Assad's ally, Russian leader Vladimir Putin, in Moscow to help build an alliance to destroy the organisation. But, Thomas Cantaloube argues, apart from air strikes, there seems little real strategy to restore peace to Syria and find a political solution.

Sarkozy's Putin visit sparks controversy at home in France

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French government minister said ex-president was short-circuiting country's foreign policy and behaving like 'a dog in a bowling alley'.

French and Russian presidents meet amid tensions over Syria air strikes

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The meeting in Paris was called to discuss peace efforts in Ukraine, but these are expected to be overshadowed by the crisis in Syria.

Mistral warships: Russia and France agree compensation deal

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France will fully refund Russia for the two helicopter carriers, for which Moscow made an advance payment of about €840m.

Germany's Merkel and France's Hollande head to Kiev and Moscow

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The surprise peace initiative was announced by President Hollande as he held a key-note press conference in Paris.

France's Hollande meets Putin on Ukraine crisis

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Hollande, who was in Moscow on way back from trip to Kazakhstan, is most senior Western leader to visit Russia since it annexed Crimea.

Aristocratic French politician defends plans for Russian theme park

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Philippe de Villiers says Russian president Vladimir Putin is only leader fighting for 'non-globalised world that nourishes deep roots'.

France moves to defy allies over sale of warships to Russia

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Despite calls from US and other nations to scrap or suspend deal, France will train Russian sailors later this month in how to operate new ships.

Marine Le Pen has 'respect' for Putin as much as for Merkel

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French far-right leader tells Der Spiegel that Russia's president 'puts Russian people first', and that she eyes power in France within ten years.