Vladimir Putin

Germany's Merkel and France's Hollande head to Kiev and Moscow

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The surprise peace initiative was announced by President Hollande as he held a key-note press conference in Paris.

France's Hollande meets Putin on Ukraine crisis

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Hollande, who was in Moscow on way back from trip to Kazakhstan, is most senior Western leader to visit Russia since it annexed Crimea.

Aristocratic French politician defends plans for Russian theme park

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Philippe de Villiers says Russian president Vladimir Putin is only leader fighting for 'non-globalised world that nourishes deep roots'.

France moves to defy allies over sale of warships to Russia

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Despite calls from US and other nations to scrap or suspend deal, France will train Russian sailors later this month in how to operate new ships.

Marine Le Pen has 'respect' for Putin as much as for Merkel

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French far-right leader tells Der Spiegel that Russia's president 'puts Russian people first', and that she eyes power in France within ten years.

Putin and Hollande to discuss Ukraine crisis in Paris

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The Russian and French leaders are to meet for talks on Ukraine and 'bi-lateral issues' on the eve of June 6 D-Day commemorations in France.

Ukraine crisis: France, Germany threaten Russia over poll

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France's Francois Hollande and German chancellor Angela Merkel hint at tougher sanctions if presidential elections on May 25 do not take place.

France's far right leader blames EU for new 'cold war'

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In visit to Moscow, Marine Le Pen says it is the European Union that declared 'cold war' on Russia by seeking closer ties with Ukraine.

Putin to restrict adoption of Russian children after French gay marriage law

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Russian president says adoption by gay couples goes against his country's values and will seek changes in an agreement regulating adoptions.

Hollande urges Putin on Syria peace negotiations

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Syria and human rights were on the agenda of talks in Moscow between the French and Russian presidents which lasted two hours over schedule.

France fails to shift Russia's Syria sanctions veto

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During talks in Paris Francois Hollande failed to win the backing of Vladimir Putin for tougher U.N. sanctions aimed at ending violence in Syria.

What the Khodorkovsky trial says about Russia today


He has already served seven years behind bars, mostly in Siberia, now he's been given another six. An opponent of Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, former oil industry oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky (pictured) was found guilty December 27th of theft and money laundering at the end of a second trial. Mediapart editor François Bonnet, a former Moscow correspondent, analyses this defining moment for the future of democratic change in Russia amid a power battle between hardline Putin and reformist President Dmitry Medvedev.