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Macron says France helped avoid war in Lebanon

French president took credit for solving political crisis in Lebanon last year and stated that Saudi Arabia had held PM Saad al-Hariri for weeks. 

Dunkirk flotilla sails to France for 75th anniversary events

Around 50 small boats arrived in the French port to commemorate Operation Dynamo in which 338,000 troops were rescued from Nazi forces.

French secret agent Bob Maloubier dies aged 92

An agent in the Special Operations Executive in World War 2, Maloubier was tasked with sabotage and spying on Nazi forces in France.

Life and death amid the ruins of conflict


The mystery of the 'disappeared' of Gaza

Quartier de Chajaya, Gaza, septembre 2014 © Pierre Puchot Quartier de Chajaya, Gaza, septembre 2014 © Pierre Puchot

The International Committee of the Red Cross calls it “a major problem”, while the United Nations says it has no idea of the numbers involved. The one thing that is certain is that at least hundreds of families in Gaza are still looking for relatives who have disappeared without trace following the 50-day Israeli offensive that began in July. For some, the answer may lie beneath the rubble of destroyed buildings that still litter the land. But there is also speculation that other missing Palestinians may be detained in Israel, or have met death as they fled by sea to Europe. Mediapart’s Middle East and North Africa affairs correspondent Pierre Puchot reports from Gaza on an enduring mystery that has become something of a taboo.

Churchill envisaged France declaring war on UK over Mers-el-Kebir

A top-secret telegram shows Churchill considered France might declare war on UK in 1940 in retaliation for Royal Navy's sinking of its fleet. 

Syria: war, silence and lies


The United States and France – though no longer Britain, it seems- are poised to intervene militarily in Syria. While helping to remove the Assad regime is an urgent priority, the expected campaign of air strikes seems like a headlong rush without legal basis. And one which is a form of camouflage for past errors and acts of cowardice, the opportunistic management of public opinion and a possible trigger for a regional cataclysm with incalculable consequences. Yet, argues Mediapart editor François Bonnet, there are alternatives.

Why France is gearing up for a culture war with the United States

France says that it will not start negotiations on transatlantic trade talks if cultural industries are not excluded from the start.

Islamists launch new attack on Gao in northern Mali

Islamist rebels launched attack on the northern town of Gao, liberated from their control in January, but were repelled after two hours of fighting.

Hollande says Islamist 'leaders' killed in Mali

French president does not name 'terrorist leaders' killed in recent fighting in Mali, where a fourth member of French forces died on Wednesday.

Currency war likely between Germany, France

Berlin favors a stronger euro, but France's president says the single currency’s heady rise on the foreign exchanges needs to be brought under control.

Hollande and 'the Bamako effect'

President Hollande has enjoyed acclaim for his handling of the French-led war in Mali, but a sterner challenge awaits, argues The Economist.

The energy stakes in the Sahel surrounding the war in Mali


As in many recent conflicts involving Western intervention in other countries, France’s decision to wage war against Islamist militants in Mali has been accused by some as furthering its energy interests and economic investments, a suggestion that President François Hollande has unequivocally denied. Mediapart’s international affairs specialist Thomas Cantaloube finds the truth lies in between as he examines here just what are France's interests in the region. While Mali has quasi-inexistent mineral or energy resources, in the wider Sahel area, comprising the north of Mali, the east of Mauretania, Niger and parts of Algeria and Libya, the energy issue is significant.

'Hundreds' killed in French Mali campaign

French defence minister claims 'several hundred' Islamist militants have been killed since France launched an offensive against them in Mali last month.

Time presses for Hollande's gamble in Mali


French fighter jets began bombing missions over northern Mali on Sunday, where they are targeting Jihadist bases and supply depots, in the second - and what President François Hollande hopes will be the final – stage of France’s military campaign to oust the rebels from the West African country, and which began on January 11th. But while the war has so far been a political triumph for Hollande, the future is clouded by both the continuing delays in forming an adequate pan-African force to allow for a French withdrawal, and the new military challenges of fighting the rebels in mountainous terrain with which they are especially familiar. Lénaïg Bredoux reports.