Study finds inequality in France remained stable during economic crisis

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The French national institute of statistics and economic studies, INSEE, this week published its yearly report on the wealth and income of households in France. This latest study concerns 2015, and demonstrates that inequalities in living standards actually fell slightly in the seven-year period after the outbreak of the financial and economic crises. Romaric Godin reports.

French environment minister reveals he owns six cars

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The official declarations by French government ministers of their personal wealth, which can be consulted online, show that French labour minister Muriel Pénicaud is the richest, with assets worth 7.5 million euros, and that environment minister Nicolas Hulot, a figurehead of the Green movement in the country, owns six cars, a motorboat and a motorbike.

French foreign minister's intriguing tax favour for film director Luc Besson


An unauthorised biography of Luc Besson to be published in France on Wednesday recounts that the renowned French film director and producer was granted an extraordinary exemption from a multi-million-euro wealth tax payment when current French foreign minister Laurent Fabius was finance minister. The exemption, claims the book, was agreed after the intervention of Fabius, whose sister and nephew were employed by Besson. Fabrice Arfi reports.

French prosecutor opens probe into Marine Le Pen's wealth

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Investigation is into claims that far-right Front National leader and her father Jean-Marie Le Pen misrepresented extent of their wealth.

Surprise revelations as French ministers publish personal wealth online

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In the wake of Cahuzac tax fraud scandal, details of ministers' personal assets go online on Monday, decried by the opposition as a populist move.

LVMH chief moves fortune to Belgium

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After months of speculation, France's richest person has finally placed his multi-billion euro fortune in Belgium, denying the move is over tax.

French Constitutional Council quashes 75% top-earner tax

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Ruling means socialist government must re-think the terms of its new 75% top income tax rate, currently applicable to individuals rather than households.

Gerard Depardieu flees French wealth tax

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The actor, who has bought a home in Belgium, is latest rich Frenchman to flee his country and the wealth taxes levied by President Hollande.

French football discovers the power of bling

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The Qatari buy-up of Paris football club PSG saw the arrival of big bucks and big stars, but there's an innate French distaste for bling, argues The Economist.

France's proposed tax hikes spark 'exodus' of wealthy

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Looming tax rises by new socialist government has led to Gallic super-rich buying homes in 'wealth-friendly' nations such as Britain and Switzerland.