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French law orders social media to delete hate posts within 24 hours

The French parliament has approved legislation imposing on websites and social media the requirement to delete posts posts inciting hatred, violence, racism, and sexual harassment within 24 hours, or face a fine in each case of up to 1.25 million euros, amid concern from rights groups and opposition politicians that the new law could impede the right to free expression.

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France passes law sanctioning specious anti-abortion websites

The French parliament on Thursday approved legislation that allows prison terms and fines to be handed against those involved in creating anti-abortion websites that imitate official information sites to dissuade women from terminating their pregnancy.

French MPs vote to ban abortion websites that intimidate women

French government seeks to criminalise sites that pose as neutral sources of information but in fact promote anti-abortion propaganda.

French startup creates personalised newsletters for media companies

Ownpage has created tools for news outlets that allow them to customize contents of newsletters and websites according to readers' past preferences.

France blocks five websites suspected of condoning terrorism

The French government used a new law allowing it to demand service providers close down access to the sites, without the need of a court order.

New French law allows for arbitrary closure of suspected terrorist websites

Rights groups criticised the law which allows the government to directly order ISPs to shut websites suspected of terrorist or paedophile activity.