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French welfare changes spark debate over future of 'universal' benefits

Socialist government is proposing that child benefits should no longer be paid equally to everyone, with better-off seeing their allowances cut.

French welfare deficit higher than planned says minister

Heath minister Marisol Touraine says social security deficit will hit 11.7 billion euros this year instead of originally forecast of 9.8 billion.

French MPs pass welfare cuts

Despite abstention of 33 MPs from ruling Socialist Party, government cuts payroll taxes as third major union boycotts social conference.

France set to freeze welfare payments

Spelling out measures which angered sections of his own party, new prime minister Manuel Valls said: 'We cannot live beyond our means.'

France, Germany follow UK move for welfare curbs on EU migrants

France and Germany echo UK calls to restrict welfare payments for EU migrants ahead of a predicted influx of Romanian and Bulgarian workers.

Sarkozy camp hoists social benefits fraud to forefront of re-election campaign


President Nicolas Sarkozy has clearly decided to make the fight against social benefits fraud, described by one of his ministers as "a cancer of French society", one of the main themes of his 2012 re-election campaign. While that will not officially begin until early next year, this week saw a carefully coordinated blitz against the increasingly stigmatised welfare dependent, and which announces the colour of the presidential election debate ahead. Marine Turchi reports.