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France to scale down military operations in Sahel region

French President Emmanuel Macron has announced that France will reduce the size of its military mission in the West Africa region of the Sahel where it has been engaged since 2013 in operations against jihadist groups.

French and West African presidents launch Sahel armed force

Move came as Emmanuel Macron vowed to 'eradicate' kidnappers of French citizen Sophie Pétronin, who has appeared in hostage video.

Counterterror force for West Africa stalled by US-France feud

France wants to bolster efforts to fight terrorism in West Africa with a UN-backed force but Washington doesn’t want to get stuck with the bill.

The international drugs trade returns to post-war Mali


Since the retreat of jihadist forces from northern Mali, and the winding down this year of the French military campaign that forced them out of the area, drugs trafficking has regained its lucrative path across the Sahel region, en route to Europe. Thomas Cantaloube reports from Mali on how the drugs trade has become a major cause of corruption in both the former French colony and the wider region of West Africa, where the transit of drugs is now joined by a dangerous and growing new phenomena, that of drug consumption.

Terror group 'threatens France over Mali'

The Mourabitounes group, formed last August, says it will target the interests of 'France and her allies', according to a Mauritanian website.