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Macron's 'friendship tree' for Trump dies in quarantine

In what might be perceived by some as a reflection of increasing tensions between US President Donald Trump and his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron, a young oak tree presented as a gift by the French president during an official visit to the US last year, and which was symbolically planted in the White House gardens by the two leaders before being placed in obligatory quarantine, has died.

Red carpet treatment belies differences as Macron arrives in US

Presidents Trump and Macron are expected to tackle pressing foreign policy issues from Iran deal to Syria as French leader starts US state visit.

White House regrets abscence from giant Paris rally against terror

White House spokesman admits regrets that a high-profile US government representative did not join world leaders present on Sunday's march.

Mr Hollande goes to Washington

Three-day state visit this week gives president chance to improve country’s image, with morale among American investors in France at new low.