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The hidden poverty in one of France's most prestigious wine regions

The medieval village of Saint-Émilion, one of the most prestigious wine areas in France. The medieval village of Saint-Émilion, one of the most prestigious wine areas in France.

French journalist and author Ixchel Delaporte spent a year investigating the wine industry in the Médoc region near Bordeaux in south-west France. It produces some of the most prestigious – and expensive – wines not just in France but anywhere in the world. Yet the journalist's book on her experiences and discoveries reveals a deep chasm between the impoverished local workers, many of them seasonal and occasional staff, and often suffering from poor health and living in substandard accommodation, and the glittering world of the small but powerful elite who control the major vineyards. Mediapart's Joseph Confavreux reports.

The ex-wine lobbyist who handles viticulture issues as Élysée advisor

Sharing a glass: Emmanuel Macron at the Salon de l'Agriculture farming show in 2018. © Reuters Sharing a glass: Emmanuel Macron at the Salon de l'Agriculture farming show in 2018. © Reuters

At the request of the French president's office, France's wine sector is preparing to publish a prevention plan against alcohol abuse. However, President Emmanuel Macron's advisor at the Élysée on the issue, Audrey Bourolleau, herself used to be a lobbyist for this powerful sector until last year. Yet despite this apparently glaring conflict of interest, the advisor has continued to be involved in the issue. Antton Rouget reports.

French wine expert warns of 'fish bladder' and 'pancreas' additives

Isabelle Legeron, France's first female 'Master of Wine', has called for wine bottles to list the additives that some contain, including fish and animal extracts, in the same way that the ingredients of solid foods are detailed on packaging labels.  

French 2017 wine production forecast to be lowest in 60 years

The French agriculture ministry estimates that the country's total wine production this year will fall to about 36.9 million hectolitres, or 4.9 billion bottles, down by almost 20 percent on last year due essentially to spring frosts and summer storms, with the Bordeaux region worst-affected.

Wine war in southern France has streets running red

Dispute has seen independent wine producers pitted against imports from other European Union countries, and the businesses that deal in them.

France faces worst wine grape harvest since 1945

Wine production to fall by 18% on 2016 after spring frosts ravaged vines, but the hot summer could deliver top vintages

French winegrowers pin harvest hopes on June bloom

Wine-makers in several regions, notably that of Bordeaux, are nervously anticipating the crucial June flowering phase, hoping that pollination will occur, after the most damaging frost in more than 25 years ravaged swathes of vinyards in April.

French 'wine terrorists' flood town

Thousands of litres poured down street of French town in suspected act of sabotage by 'wine terrorists' angry over foreign imports of the drink.

Brexit threatens French wine exports

French wine dealers say the effects of Brexit and plummeting pound are being felt from Burgundy to Bordeaux.

Dismay as France overtaken by Italy as top wine producer

Official figures also show that Spain has taken over as the world's top wine exporter - with France being its biggest customer.

French winemakers threaten Tour de France over Chilean wine sponsor

Winemakers from Languedoc-Roussillon in south-west France want Bicicleta brand of Chilean wine removed as backer of three-week event.

France welcomes Iran's president — and his cheque book

Deal marking French automaker Peugeot's return to Iran anounced, as Iranian president's visit overcomes lunchtime wine menu disagreement.

Will France's new wine regions threaten Champagne tradition?

Many Champagne producers are opponents of EU rule which should open up new French wine regions for first time in nearly a century.

Wine row cancels official dinner during Iranian president's visit to Paris

Elysée Palace refuses Iranian President Hassan Rouhani’s demand that no alcohol be present during dinner, and suggests breakfast instead.

French wines squeezed off top spot

Lack of rain and a heatwave led to just 1% increase in French production in 2015, meaning Italy regained top spot for amount of wine made.