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France withdraws maiming police tear gas grenades

French interior minister Christophe Castaner has announced that police are to no longer use an highly explosive tear gas grenade until now used in crowd-control situations, notably during the past 12 months of rolling 'yellow vest' demonstrations over social grievances, and which has been one of the arsenal of police weapons that have left many people with serious injuries and amputations.

Mali crisis: France announces big troop cuts

Defence minister Jean-Yves Le Drian says 60% of troops will be withdrawn over three months, leaving a force of 1,000 French soldiers.

France will keep to Mali troop reduction calendar

Foreign minister Laurent Fabius says the killing of two French journalists in Kidal will not affect timetable of the withdrawal of French troops.

France reassures Mali over troop withdrawal

Foreign minister Laurent Fabius tells Mali leaders that France is not planning an 'overnight' withdrawal of the troops it sent to liberate the country.

Analysis: Mali insurgency endangers French pull-out plan

Many in northern Mali who lived under rebel rule last year are worried about French plans to leave just 1,000 troops in the country by December.

France plans to start Mali pullout in March

France has repeated its troops will start leaving Mali in March, while officials confirmed new hostilities with Jihadist groups near the town of Gao.

France officially begins Afghanistan withdrawal

President Hollande's pledge to withdraw all French troops from Afghanistan this year begins with formal ceremony, two years before NATO pullout.

France considers early Afghanistan pull-out

President Sarkozy orders suspension of all training activities by French forces in Afghanistan, while ministers speak of possible early troop pull-out.