Eco-protester had 'hands in air' when killed by French gendarme's grenade

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Mediapart can reveal new evidence from witnesses that puts a different perspective on the death of botany student Rémi Fraisse during a protest against the building of a new dam at Sivens in south-west France in October 2014. Statements from several eye witnesses show that Rémi, 21, had his hands in the air and was calling on gendarmes to stop firing when he was struck and killed by an offensive grenade. Their accounts also cast some doubts over the version of events given by the authorities about the student's death. Mediapart's legal affairs correspondent Michel Deléan reports.

Witnesses describe horror of terrorist attack on Ivory Coast beach

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'I told my wife ‘we can’t stay here’, and 20 seconds after they killed three people behind us', said one man enjoying a meal when the gunmen struck.

French arm of UBS faces probe into possible witness tampering

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Investigation by the French authorities into the French section of the Swiss bank follows a complaint by a former employee.

Amsterdam-Paris train attack: witnesses recount scene of terror and heroics

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One passenger said he heard 'click-click-click' like 'a toy' before a man jumped on the gunman, the whole sequence lasting '15 seconds'.

Witnesses contradict official account of 'Islamic terror attack' on French police station


On December 20th, 20-year-old Bertrand Nzohabonayo was shot dead by police in Joué-lès-Tours, west-central France, after he reportedly attacked a police station wielding a knife with which he wounded three officers while shouting the phrase ‘god is great’ in Arabic “up until his last breath”, according to some media. The French interior minister hailed the “professionalism” and “level-headedness” of the officers involved, and an investigation into the events was immediately handed to anti-terrorist police. Burundian-born Nzohabonayo, a Muslim convert who had recently posted a photo of the flag of Islamic State on his Facebook page, has been widely presented as acting for the cause of Islamic extremism. But one week after his death, a quite different version of events has emerged. According to several witnesses, he was shot while using a knife to resist arrest outside the police station, where he was being brought for questioning over a fight involving one of the station's officers and two black youths. Yannick Sanchez reports.

French detectives seek vehicle in Alps murder investigation

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Officers release image of dark-coloured 4x4 they want to trace in connection with murder last September of engineer Saad al-Hilli and three others.

French detectives seek vehicle in Alps murder investigation


Officers release image of dark-coloured 4x4 they want to trace in connection with murder of engineer Saad al-Hilli and three others in September.