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Wolf population in France could reach 500 in five years

A move by France's environment minister to protect the country's current estimated 350 wolves allows for the animals' total to reach 500 in 2023, to the ire of farmers despite them being offered additional aid for measures to protect animal herds.

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French farmer's son says he was victim of wolf attack

Romain Ferrand, 16, recovering from a foot injury, said he was surrounded by a pack of wolves who dispersed after he fired his rifle in the air.

Farmers far from sheepish in Eiffel Tower wolf protest

Farmers calling for a cull of wolves reintroduced to the French countryside staged a lively protest with flocks of sheep in central Paris.

The wolf hunt returns to France as species makes a European comeback

Conservation groups furious after French government allows limited hunting of protected grey wolf amid rise in attacks on farm animals.

French Greens in dogfight over rise of the wolf

Greens in high-profile spat over rapid multiplication of wolves first re-introduced to French Alps and now threatening sheep farms in Auvergne.

Row over calls for cull as wolves spread across France

The wolf, pursuing its lightning reconquest of France, has reached the Vosges Mountains in the east of the country for the first time in 80 years.