French chef wants to legalise clandestine workers to beat shortages

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Thierry Marx says undeclared foreign employees in the hotel, restaurant and catering sectors should be given resident permits so they can stay in France. 

France grants citizenship to 12,000 Covid frontline workers

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The fast-track scheme announced by minister Marlène Schiappa is aimed at those whose jobs put them at risk in the pandemic.

Ikea France fined €1m for snooping on staff

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The former CEO of Ikea France, Jean-Louis Baillot, was given a two-year suspended jail term and €50,000 fine after the French subsidiary was found to have used private detectives and police officers to collect private data on staff.

Carmaker PSA drops plan to bring Polish workers to French plant

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French carmaking group PSA has announced it is to abandon a plan to bring more than 500 workers from one of its sites in Poland to help out with re-starting production at a commercial vehicle plant in northern France, after sharp criticism that it should have turned to the local labour force instead.

Amazon workers in France protest over coronavirus risks

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Several hundred workers at an Amazon warehouse and shipping centre near Orléans in north-central France staged a strike on Wednesday over their fears of exposure to the Covid-19 coronavirus, calling for the site's closure or for a dispensation for those staff who wished to stay at home.

Air France workers in court over shirt-ripping incident

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Sixteen men go on trial in France for alleged role in chaotic scenes last year when airline bosses had shirts torn off while fleeing angry staff.

French justice ministry 'hired 40,000 undeclared workers'

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Justice minister Christiane Taubira promises swift action after leaks reveal number of casual workers hired by her department.

French utility EDF seeks to cut workers’ 10-week holiday quota

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EDF staff work an average of 39.5 hours a week, more than 35-hour legal limit, so they won deal in 1999 to get an extra 23 days off a year.

No, France did not ban workers from answering emails after 6pm

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Stories that French employees cannot respond to emails after stopping work in the afternoon appear to have been lost in translation...

Making themselves heard: why sacked workers David and Stéphanie will vote for the far-right Front national

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When abattoir employees David and Stéphanie watched TV reports of workers in bitter disputes with bosses over factory closures, they insisted it could never happen to them. Their abattoir in Brittany was reputed to provide 'jobs for life'. But then last October the news struck that the plant was to close, leaving David, Stéphanie and more than 800 other workers out of a job. Here the couple tell Mediapart's Rachida El Azzouzi about their shock at being thrown out of work, their anger at the government in Paris and explain why for the first time they intend to vote for Marine Le Pen's far-right party.

France struggles in EU to stem low-cost foreign workers

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Hiring of foreign staff at lower cost on temporary contracts under EU law has stirred political outrage and embarrassed socialist government in Paris.

France responds to American CEO's 'three hours of work' jibe

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Minister Arnaud Montebourg blasts Maurice Taylor's "insulting" note as "extremist" and "demonstrating a "perfect ignorance of our country". 

François Hollande promises to curb foreign workers

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Presidential election favourite says he will control the number of foreigners allowed to work in France in a time of economic crisis.