World War I

For Bastille Day, France commemorates World War I

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France invited all countries involved on the battlefields - including former enemies and colonies-  to join in Paris event as symbol of peace.

'The Gardeners of Thessaloniki' : the now forgotten soldiers who fought on France's Eastern Front


In World War I around 400,000 French soldiers, many of them from France's colonies, were deployed in the Balkans. As well as fighting, the troops built roads and bridges and even planted vineyards. But today few French people remember the Eastern Front, and fewer still go to visit the graves of their fellow countrymen who were killed in the fighting along the massive front line that extended over nearly 600km from Albania to Bulgaria. However, as Jean-Arnault Dérens, Laurent Geslin and Simon Rico report, Serbs, Greeks and Macedonians have never forgotten the war on their soil and its turbulent impact on their countries in the 20th century.

The extraordinary acquittal of he who murdered Jean Jaurès


Next month will mark the 100th anniversary of the assassination of France's revered socialist leader Jean Jaurès, an icon and figure of reference for the French Left. Among the various works published in tribute to Jaurès on the centenary of his death, a book published last month focuses upon the largely ignored and extraordinary outcome of the trial of his killer, acquitted by a jury despite assuming full responsibility for his act, which he carried out alone and in front of numerous witnesses. The story of the trial, held shortly after the end of World War One, is also that of the political and social atmosphere prevalent in France after the 1918 armistice, when Jaurès' pre-war, outspoken pacifist stand had become regarded by some with hateful contempt. Michel Deléan reports.

France 'still feeling' the legacy of WWI 100 years on

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As France prepares to mark 100 years since start of First World War, historian Nicolas Offenstadt explains why the conflict is still so significant.

Hollande honours African role in France's WWI fight

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As France launches commemorations for next year's hundredth anniversary of WWI, President Hollande says that no soldier should be 'forgotten'.

WWI commemorations subject of international ministerial meeting in Paris

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Officials from about 30 countries are meeting in Paris to plan four years of commemorative events for the 100th anniversary of World War I.

French museum makes bid to recover lost paintings of first world war

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Museum director keen to solve mystery of more than 250 paintings from a collection which vanished in 1918 and have never been seen since.

France pressured to remember WW1 soldiers executed for 'cowardice'

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Next year's first world war centenary, to be launched by François Hollande, may include memorial for the 600 young men shot by firing squad.

France to lead first world war centenary commemorations

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France will set tone for the way the world marks the 1914-18 war; two of its bloodiest battles, at Verdun and the Somme, took place on French soil.

British soldiers buried in France almost 100 years after battle

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The British soldiers, killed in action during WWI, have been buried with full military honours after their remains were found in a field in 2009.