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At least two hurt in atttack outside former Charlie Hebdo office

Two men have been arrested after at least two people suffered knife wounds in an attack outside the former Paris offices of Charlie Hebdo magazine where, in January 2015, 12 people were shot dead in a terrorist attack for which 14 people are currently on trial on charges of helping the jihadists. 

French special forces wounded in Iraq by exploding Islamic State drone

Two Kurdish Peshmerga fighters were killed and two French troops seriously wounded when a booby-trapped drone crashed to the ground near them north of the beseiged town of Mosul held by the Islamic State group group.

The US sculptor who masked the disfigured French wounded of WWI

Anna Coleman Ladd was director of the Red Cross mask-making studio in Paris where she moulded and painted unique artificial faces.

Gunman attacks French newspaper and bank offices

Paris manhunt launched after a photographer was seriously wounded in attacks on daily Libération and the Societe Generale bank HQ.

French soldier dies, two others wounded, in Taliban ambush

Death toll of French armed forces in Afghanistan rises to 88 after a soldier dies from wounds after a Taliban ambush in Kapisa province.

Wounded French journalist and colleague arrive home from Syria

Two French journalists who were smuggled out of Syria after being trapped for nine days in the war-torn country's town have arrived back in France.