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France's 'yellow vests' protests continue, three months on

The French 'yellow vest' movement of revolt over falling living conditions for lower income households and against the political establishment held a 14th day successive day of action on Saturday, when contested interior ministry estimates said turnout across the country was around 41,500, down on last weekend.

Opinion poll shows support waning for French 'yellow vest' rallies

An opinion survey published this week has found a majority of those questioned wish an end to the rolling 'yellow vest' street protests centred on falling standards of living for low-and middle-income earners, although most still continue to sympathise with the demands of the movement.

French 'yellow vest' boxer jailed for beating riot police

Former professional boxer Christophe Dettinger, 37, who was filmed on January 5th throwing punches and kicking riot police officers during a 'yellow vest' protest in Paris against falling standards of living, has been sentenced to 30 months in jail, with 18 months suspended, in a court ruling that angered police unions.

Jury out on the sincerity of Macron's 'Great Debate'

French President Emmanuel Macron’s “Great Debate” – a vast, unprecedented nationwide exercise in consulting citizens on how to fix France’s problems – is the latest attempt by the centrist president to try to bring an end to almost three months of spectacular anti-government revolt by the gilets jaunes protest movement.

French 'yellow vest' protester loses fingers in violent unrest

Protester hurt after trying to pick up a rubber pellet grenade; meanwhile home of head of National Assembly Richard Ferrand hit by arson attack.

France's Yellow Vest protesters join union march for first time

Some 30,000 people, including many Yellow Vest protesters, demonstrated in Paris on Tuesday, according to the CGT union.

France's 'yellow vests' take to streets again

Between 10,000 and 13,800 protested in Paris and though police used tear gas to disperse some protesters the situation remained relatively calm.

France under fire for police tactics and planned legal curbs

Human rights commissioner Dunja Mijatovic expressed worry about injuries from rubber ball launchers and other police anti-riot methods.

Are France’s working poor being left behind?

France ranks among the countries that most generously redistribute resources from rich to poor, and yet great disparities in wealth persist.

Feared and revered: US views on France’s ‘yellow vests’

Yellow vest protestors on the Champs-Élysées avenue in Paris, November 2018. © Reuters Yellow vest protestors on the Champs-Élysées avenue in Paris, November 2018. © Reuters

The two-month-long ‘gilets jaunes’, or ‘yellow vest’, movement in France, protesting the fall in living standards for low- and middle-income earners and against the powers of the country’s social and political elite, continues largely unabated. It has attracted worldwide attention, and not least in the United States, where the Left sees it as an echo of the Occupy Wall Street movement, where also supporters of President Donald Trump have hi-jacked it as a new symbol of protest against the liberal establishment, and where the latter interpret it as a devil of populism. Mediapart’s US correspondent Mathieu Magnaudeix reports from New York on the confused reactions across the Atlantic to the largely misunderstood revolt in France.

'Red scarves' mount counter-demo to France's 'yellow vest' movement

So-called 'red scarves', opponents of the 'yellow vest' demonstrations that have caused havoc in France with two months of protests against falling living standards for the lower paid, held a rally in Paris and other cities on Sunday calling for an end to the continued national disruption by the weekly street protests.

Yellow vest militant 'blinded for life' by French police 'rubber bullet'

A lawyer for Jérôme Rodrigues, a high-profile militant with the 'yellow vest' protest movement who was struck in the right eye when police fired weapons at demonstrators during disturbances in central Paris on Saturday, said his client has been left permanently disabled by a police rubber bullet, in the latest case of dozens of life-changing injuries recorded among demonstrators in recent weeks.  

'France's 'yellow vests' back on streets on 11th weekend of protests

The French interior ministry reported that around 70,000 supporters of the 'yellow vest' movement, launched in November against a new hike on fuel tax and which has since grown into a broad protest over falling standards of living for low- and middle-income earners, turned out ofor its 11th successive weekend of nationwide marches on Saturday, with several demonstrations in Paris including an evening rally at the Place de la République which was dispersed by police. 

France's 'yellow vests' to field candidates in European elections

Following two months of nationwide protests as a loosely formed movement communicating mostly on social media, the so-called 'yellow vests', made up of low- and middle-income earners angry at falling living standards and against the political and social elite, have formed a group to field candidates for this spring's elections for the European Parliament.

Dear Mr President: when letters to François Hollande announced France's current social unrest

A photomontage sent to François Hollande: "Here lies my salary, born at the beginning of the month and already dead on the 10th." © DR A photomontage sent to François Hollande: "Here lies my salary, born at the beginning of the month and already dead on the 10th." © DR

During his 2012-2017 term in office, France’s socialist president François Hollande received a total of about one million letters and emails from members of the public, several thousands of which have been studied by political sciences lecturers Michel Offerlé and Julien Fretel. In this interview, Michel Offerlé explains that while the correspondence contained a large number of individual demands for help, complaints over financial difficulties and taxes, and insults about the head of state’s disconnection with the people, they in part collectively represent the social group that has erupted into the ‘yellow vest’ protest movement over falling standards of living which is shaking the current presidency of Emmanuel Macron.