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French police arrest ‘yellow vest’ leader

Éric Drouet was placed in custody for organising a central Paris protest without declaring it, according to a source at the prosecutors office.

Macron to crack down on executives avoiding taxes

Move against tax avoidance by well-paid business leaders is part of effort to placate Yellow Vest protesters in France who complain of inequality.

France's Yellow Vest demos falter at weekend, but more planned

Nationwide turnout for the seventh weekend of demonstrations in France on Saturday by so-called Yellow Vest protestors calling for improved living conditions for low- and middle-income earners was about a quarter of that the previous weekend, although militants have called for more protests on New Year's Eve.

Macron facing the scenario of a return to the urns

French President Emmanuel Macron. © Reuters French President Emmanuel Macron. © Reuters

No French president or prime minister over the past 50 years has survived a political crisis like that in which Emmanuel Macron has become engulfed with the ‘gilets jaunes’ – Yellow Vest – movement, which is calling for improved living conditions for low- and middle-income earners, and increased participation of citizens in political decision making. In this analysis of the crisis, François Bonnet argues why Macron, in order to save his five-year term in office, appears to have little other choice than to return to the urns.

French 'Yellow Vest' day of action on Saturday sees fall in turnout

The sixth Saturday of nationwide protests organised by the grass-roots 'Yellow Vest' movement against falling living standards for low- and middle-income earners saw turnout significantly down on last weekend, according to the French interior ministry, which estimated the total number of demonstrators at 38,000.


France's Macron turns to Sarkozy amid 'yellow vest' protests

Macron has lunched with Sarkozy and sent him to represent France at swearing-in of Georgia’s new president, a move that caused a political stir.

French PM admits to 'mistakes' over 'Yellow Vest' protests

In newspaper interview, Édouard Philippe said the government had  'not listened enough to the French people'.

The many faces behind the 'yellow vest' protests

Yellow Vest protestors back on streets but numbers fall

Saturday marked a fifth weekend of nationwide protest action by the so-called 'Yellow Vest' movement against falling living standards for low- and middle-income earners, but the numbers of those who turned out were significantly down on last Saturday, both in Paris and across the country.

Paris faces more Yellow Vest protests Saturday

The so-called 'Yellow Vest' movement of protests at falling living stanadards among low- and middle-income earners is expected to continue with a fifth day of action across France on Saturday, notably with marches in Paris where previous protests have been marred by violence and vandalism by extremists and hooligans.

French government urges no Yellow Vest protests on Saturday

French government spokesman Benjamin Griveaux on Thursday called on the so-called Yellow Vest movement demanding better living standards for low- and midlle income earners not to hold another weekend of protests because of the strain placed on police and security forces after this week's terrorist attack in Strasbourg.

Macron pledges minimum wage rise, tax cuts on pensions, overtime

In an attempt to defuse growing social unrest, French President Emmanuel Macron announced in a televised address on monday a 100-euro rise of the minimum monthly wage, the removal of a tax on pensions below 2,000 euros per month, the ending of taxation on overtime payments and encouraged employers to offer a tax-free end-of-year bonus to employees.

Macron to address nation on Monday in bid to defuse social unrest

French President Emmanuel Macron is to make a televised address to the nation on Monday evening in a much awaited first public reaction to the social unrest that has swept the country since mid-November, when he is expected to announce policy measures to defuse the crisis.

Minister says continuing French protests have created 'monster'

Ahead of what are forecast to be a major demonstrations on Saturday by a grass-roots movement of often violent protest over the living standards of middle-income earners, France's interior minister has announced 'large-scale security measures' in Paris, including the deployment of armoured vehicles, in face of what he said has become a 'monster' that has escaped the control of those who initiated the nationwide contestation.

French 'citizens' protests over cost of living continue Sunday

A movement against fuel tax hikes which grew on social media and which claims no political alliances, has attracted several hundreds of thousands of protestors across France this weekend to block roads in what is fast transforming into a movement of protest against falling living standards among modest income earners.