Where is the French Left heading?


Despite the creation of the NUPES leftwing alliance ahead of the legislative elections in 2022, the French Left is still mired in a crisis of faith.  Beset by fragmentation and having declined to form a new democratic structure, none of the political parties and movements that just eight months ago formed the Nouvelle Union Populaire Écologique et Sociale now seems willing to press ahead with a joint reconstruction of the Left. Yet such a move is essential, argues Mediapart's co-editorial director Stéphane Alliès in this op-ed article.

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At the last legislative elections in 2022, time was already up for the French Left. The union proposed by the radical left La France Insoumise (LFI), the Nouvelle Union Populaire Écologique et Sociale (NUPES) seems, eight months later, to have been little more than a façade without a future, once most of its constituent parties and movements had made it through those elections largely unscathed.