Politique Analysis

How pension reform flip-flops have exposed the fickle nature of Macron's government

The current bitterly-opposed pension reforms proposed by the French government are purely designed to save money and have no broader social dimension. This means that President Emmanuel Macron and his supporters are now defending a reform measure which is diametrically opposed to the initial plan they had put forward back in 2017. This U-turn tells us a great deal about the flaws and limp nature of the government writes Ellen Salvi in this analysis of how and why the pension reform plan changed so radically during President Macron's time in office.

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It is now a distant memory that some look back on with nostalgia, while others raise their eyes to the heavens as soon as it is brought up. It is a memory that no one dares talk about too much since pension reform came back on the political agenda, but one which looms over all the government's discussions and those of Members of Parliament in the ruling majority. It is also a memory that tells us a great deal about 'Macronism', its bad habits, its political flip-flops and its internal disputes.

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