• Behind the mask of Claude Chabrol


    The career of celebrated French film director Claude Chabrol, who died in September, spanned five decades and more than 50 films. But the director of thrillers like The Butcher and The Flower of Evil leaves behind an enduring mystery about himself and the true focus of his work. Jean Douchet, an authority on French cinema and a lifelong friend of Chabrol, offers a clue to understanding both.

  • Joseph Stiglitz: the "extraordinary risk" of European austerity policies

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    Back in September 2010, former World Bank chief economist Joseph Stiglitz told Mediapart in a series of video interviews why austerity plans were "counter-productive", threatening a "double-dip recession", and warned how the flawed and derided financial practices that led to the 2008 crash were back in business. "It is conceivable that one or more countries would either default or drop the euro", said the 2001 winner of Nobel Prize in Economics. Why was no-one listening?