• The farce of Sarkozy's reshuffle and the crisis it cannot hide

    No control: President Nicolas Sarkozy. © Reuters No control: President Nicolas Sarkozy. © Reuters

    French President Nicolas Sarkozy has re-appointed François Fillon as prime minister, and the long-awaited ministerial reshuffle has happened. The president hopes it will turn a political page on a volatile social crisis and the scandals rocking his presidency. But, argues Mediapart's Laurent Mauduit, the stage-managed media rumours surrounding the future government and an abscence of political debate before its composition speak volumes about the president's attachment to democracy as well as the extent of a crisis within his own political camp.

  • Lies, damned lies, and statistics

    While the French government argues that a national recovery is now underway, Laurent Mauduit details here how a closer study of the economic statistics in fact reveals a country of deepening social divides and rising frustrations.