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What is SecureDrop?

The SecureDrop system on Mediapart is a secure means for our readers to safely and discretely submit information for the attention of our team of investigative journalists. It provides heightened security, and a guarantee of anonymity, for those who may wish to send a large volume of sensitive documents.

The SecureDrop system on Mediapart uses the Tor browser, which is designed to encrypt your communications and to hide the IP address of your computer.

If you want to make rapid, direct contact with our investigative team, also in a secure manner and with a relatively small volume of documents, you can use the following email address:

How to use SecureDrop

What measures are taken to protect my private life and anonymity?

The SecureDrop system proposed by Mediapart for sending us documents is designed to minimise digital tracks by using best practices, such as the following:

In the case of the most highly sensitive material, as well as using SecureDrop we recommend you employ the following precautions:

Mediapart works diligently to protect the identity of our sources and to ensure the confidentiality of the information they provide.

The SecureDrop software is developed by an outside body (the Freedom of the Press Foundation) and not by our in-house teams. It is a system which, like for other leading media organisations, has our confidence.