In Mexico 'you can die just for being a woman'

By Marie Hibon

Figures show that in the month of January more than ten women a day were murdered in Mexico. In some areas of the country, say women's rights campaigners, women are disposed of like “a piece of garbage”. Meanwhile to the dismay of local associations the new left-wing government in the country is not treating the issue as a priority. Marie Hibon reports on the appalling situation facing many women in Mexico.

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When the man who was smoking a cigarette at the exit of the metro station grabbed her backpack, Zúe Valenzuela's first thought was that it was an attempt to rob her. But when he started to drag her by force to a car with two men in it, the 30-year-old lawyer really started to panic. “I threw myself to the ground and struggled and cried out,” she recalls. “A young man who was passing came up. Then my attacker said: 'I know her, she's just having a anger attack. Come on, we're going home!” Seeing the panic on my face the young man called doormen on the street for help and my attacker fled,” says Zúe Valenzuela.