The beastly works of Bom.k


Graffiti artist Bom.k grew up in a down-at-heel Paris suburb close to Orly airport and in 1999 joined the burgeoning French street art movement, creating graffiti crew DMV (Da Mental Vaporz). While contuing to produce outsize murals in urban wastelands, from 2005, Bom.k began developing his art in a studio, and latterly centring on the theme of fearsome creatures, a monstrous mix of beast and human. International recognition of his work has seen him participate in exhibitions in Europe, north America and Asia, and last year he staged his first solo show ‘Vertiges et Somnolence’ (‘Dizziness and Drowsiness’) in Paris, confirming his place at the summit of the French graffiti movement. This month, the 40 year-old's haunting, gigantic ghost-grey aerosol wall paintings and canvases are showcased in two exhibitions, in France at Montpellier's Montana Gallery and in Los Angeles at the Known Gallery, a selection of which Mediapart presents here.

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  1. Bom.k's paintings are mostly based on his highly detailed pencil sketches. The Montpellier exhibition, which also includes works by Jace, Zest and Eackone, shows some of these sketches, while the paintings he generated from them are on display at the Known Gallery in Los Angeles.

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