Newspaper cartoonists and the right to be irreverent

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The freedom of the press is not just for reporters, photographers and editors; it is also essential for newspaper and magazine cartoonists who pass comment on the latest events in their own satirical, humorous, irreverent and often profound way. That is why at the end of 2013 the press freedom group Reporters sans frontières - Reporters without Borders – has published a book of topical cartoons. The work '100 dessins de Cartooning for Peace pour la liberté de la presse' ('100 drawings from Cartooning for Peace for the freedom of the press') carries a preface by former United Nations secretary general Kofi Annan who, together with celebrated French satirical cartoonist Plantu, is co-founder of the association Cartooning for Peace. The book contains three chapters, on freedom of expression, power and the press, and features works both from established artists and those who have been recently discovered via their blogs or on social networks. All profits from the book, which can be bought here, will go to finance the work of Reporters sans frontières.

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  1. Côté, Canada, « L'Actualité » (with the permission of Reporters sans frontières)

    The heading on the whiteboard says “Axis of evil”.

    André-Philippe Côté was a pioneering cartoon strip artist in Quebec in the 1970s and currently works for the Quebec French-language daily newspaper Le Soleil.

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