'Not afraid': Parisians gather with a defiant message after Charlie Hebdo killings

11 photos

Hours after the murderous assault by gunmen on the offices of French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo on Wednesday, demonstrations in protest at the outrage were held in Paris and major cities and towns across France. In Paris, police estimated 35,000 people gathered on the Place de la République, close to the publication’s offices, brandishing placards that read ‘I am Charlie’, ‘Not Afraid’ and ‘Fear the Artist’, sending a clear message that they would not be intimidated by terror. Photographer and Mediapart contributor Thomas Haley was at the scene on Wednesday evening where he captured these pictures of a spontaneous and defiant reaction to the massacre that left 12 people dead and another 11 wounded.

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  1. Thomas Haley

    Place de la République in central Paris, Wednesday January 7th 2014.

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