The curious tale of the French PM's adviser and his work for the Maltese government

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In May 2019 former Italian government minister Sandro Gozi was elected as a French MP for the European Parliament representing Emmanuel Macron's ruling party and then became an advisor on Europe to the French prime minister Édouard Philippe. But unbeknown to both his former campaign team and the prime minister's office, Gozi was also an advisor to the government of Malta. The official insists he resigned that advisory role just after his election as an MEP and before he began working for the French prime minister. But after details of the curious affair became public, Sandro Gozi quit his post. Antton Rouget and Ellen Salvi report.

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An advisor on European affairs to the French prime minister Édouard Philippe has resigned after it emerged that he had also worked as an advisor for the Maltese government while getting elected as a French member of the European Parliament.