Marine Turchi

Journaliste à Mediapart depuis sa création, en 2008, j'ai couvert la droite et l'extrême droite, avant de rejoindre le service « Enquêtes » en 2017.

• Livres: Co-auteure avec Mathias Destal de « Marine est au courant de tout...» Argent secret, financements et hommes de l'ombre : une enquête sur Marine Le Pen (Flammarion, 2017). J'ai également participé à l'ouvrage collectif Informer n'est pas un délit (Calmann-Lévy, 2015).

• Documentaire: Co-auteure de « Front national, les hommes de l'ombre » (« Envoyé Spécial », France 2, 2017).

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  • Reshuffle: centre gone and no-one Left


    The newly-formed French government has lost almost all of its centre-right ministers, notably the leaders of the two centrist movements that have, until now, supported President Nicolas Sarkozy through thick and thin. Marine Turchi reports on how the president has turned his back on building a broad ruling majority.

  • France enters 'decisive week' as pension protests force crisis


    The French government is refusing any compromise over its disputed pension reforms. At the start of what one union leader told Mediapart would be a "decisive week", blockades of fuel depots and motorways were joined by 'rolling' strikes in the transport sector, threatening to bring the country to a standstill. "Jobs will be lost" warned Prime Minister François Fillon while unions retorted he was "playing with provocation".