The cautious couple – Hollande and Ayrault's sober style of government


On Tuesday the new prime minister Jean-Marc Ayrault outlined to the French Parliament the government’s legislative programme for the rest of the year. In addition to specific policies, the speech also highlighted the very different style of government France can expect under Ayrault and new president François Hollande. And, argues Stéphane Alliès, Ayrault has shown that politically he is not just a close colleague of Hollande – but a carbon copy.

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The prime minister’s speech in Parliament on Tuesday outlining the government’s legislative programme will have come as a disappointment to those expecting the first cracks in the armour of an administration experiencing its first tough period. Despite question marks over the French economy and criticism over the recent rise in the minimum wage, Jean-Marc Ayrault stuck doggedly to the 60 policy proposals set out by President François Hollande during his election campaign in January. The premier punctuated his speech with the themes enunciated by Hollande, such as “change”, “economic recovery with fairness”, “trust” and “spirit of responsibility”.