The ex-paratrooper behind the radical right-wing 'French Spring' movement

Anti same-sex marriage protests have grown increasingly radical in France in recent weeks as the government's bill on the issue goes through Parliament. The organisation responsible for stoking up the political temperature – which has led to some violent attacks - is a small group known as 'Printemps français' or 'French Spring', whose name is a deliberate echo of the 'Arab Spring' revolutions of North Africa and the Middle East. And behind this group, Mediapart can reveal, is a 52-year-old former paratrooper. Karl Laske, Marine Turchi and Mathieu Magnaudeix report.

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Just how far will they go? The small group known as 'Printemps français' or 'French Spring' – a deliberate reference to the 'Arab Spring' revolutions -  has claimed responsibility for an attack on premises in Paris used by pro gay and lesbian groups. Masked activists from the group are shown on their own video vandalising the outside of the building in the Marais district of the capital used by the Printemps des assoces LGBT association which promotes lesbian gay, bisexual and transgender rights.