Paris attacks trial: 'I wanted to see them, to tell them all they've taken from me'

By Roman

The trial of 20 individuals accused of variously perpetrating or helping with the carrying out of the November 13th 2015 terrorist attacks in Paris is continuing, in proceedings that are expected to last nine months. As part of its regular coverage of the trial, Mediapart is publishing the first-hand reactions and reflections of seven victims of the massacres as they follow the court proceedings. Here Roman, aged 30, who escaped alive after terrorists attacked La Belle Équipe restaurant where he was dining with friends, gives his evidence to the court about the attacks and describes the events that preceded it.

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A keen fisherman, Roman, now aged 30, escaped the terrorists' bullets at the La Belle Équipe restaurant in Paris when it came under attack as part of the terrorist assault on the capital in 2015, but his partner, Jessica, was seriously wounded. They also lost one of their best friends. Here Roman gives his evidence to the Paris trial of the 20 individuals accused of perpetrating or helping to carry out those terrorist attacks on November 13th 2015.