French lockdown: man completes marathon run on his balcony


Confined to his apartment by the lockdown measures to contain the Covid-19 virus epidemic, Elisha Nochomovitz completed the distance of a marathon by running backwards and forwards about 6,000 times on his seven-metre-long balcony in Toulouse, southern France, over a period of six hours and 48 minutes.

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A man who is isolating amid the coronavirus in France spent nearly seven hours jogging up and down his balcony until he ran the equivalent of a marathon, reports Newsweek.

Elisha Nochomovitz described how he felt "like throwing up" after running more than 26 miles along his balcony, which measures seven meters by one meter, at his home in Toulouse.

To complete the distance, Nochomovitz ran over the same stretch of balcony around 6,000 times, taking him a total of six hours and 48 minutes to achieve.

"I had the opportunity to go out to run around [outside] the house, but if everyone thinks the same we would all have been out there," Nochomovitz explained in a Facebook post.

"The instructions were to stay home, that's what I did. Just to show you that we have no excuses, and please think of all those caregivers who are on the front line in the face of this virus."

Speaking to the Huff Post France, Nochomovitz added that he wanted to "bring something playful" to the containment. "Part of my goal was to kill as much time as possible."

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